Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Golden Girls compete on a gameshow

If you were wondering; this episode of "The Golden Girls" is where I got the title for my blog!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Clearing of Shelves

Today while shopping for a few deals at Target, mainly the 4 12packs for $11 on Pepsi products with two $1 off coupons, I over heard a shopper saying to her spouse "clear the shelf, we have the coupons!"  Then her spouse said "what about the other people who may want to take part in this deal?" and she said "I don't care about other people, do you think they care about us?"


I was totally taken back by what I just heard.  I know people can be self centered but after noticing this trend in several stores, I just hope all the goods they are buying are going to a food bank or charity.  I call these persons "coupon hoarders."  They are extreme in getting as many coupons for one product and proceed to "clear the shelf" of that product.  Some stores have limits on items but usually the big box stores do not.

For example, Harris Teeter had a great e-vic special last weekend on 12oz Cheerios and 17oz Cinnamon Toast Crunch (limit 2) for $1.97 plus there were several coupons out for General Mills Cereals (buy three get $1 off).  A Great Deal!  However, by the time I got around to my local Harris Teeter, the inventory had been cleared and the store manager said they were not ordering any more and no rain checks.  Oh well!  I did get a great deal on the 50oz Tide for $1.99 ($5.99 - $2 off PG coupon + $2 off HT e-coupon)!

I am a huge fan of finding a great deal, being frugal and only buying items that I have coupons for that are on sale.  However, I don't believe in hording great deals.  If you are going to "clear the shelf" PLEASE donate the excess to charity or leave items for the next coupon-er to enjoy the thrill of the deal.